Communicating the Power and Impact of Libraries

Libraries are core to our society providing educational, economic development, and recreational resources available to all citizens regardless of class, race, age, or philosophy. Libraries are a great equalizer for our communities. The American Library Association has been on the forefront of advocacy but there is more we can do to tell the story of how libraries change lives and contribute to a vibrant society. As ALA President, I will focus on communication and advocacy to promote libraries and the work of librarians and library workers.

ALA has a successful history in shaping local and national policies. As president, I will ensure that our association is financially strong, diverse, inclusive, and focused on strategic initiatives so that we continue to be the leader on national information and intellectual freedom policies.

Thank you for visiting this webpage and for your service to our association. Please vote for Maggie in the ALA elections March 19 - April 25, 2014.

Maggie Farrell


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Maggie Farrell for ALA President

Two days remaining for ALA voting! A shout out to my campaign committee: co-chairs Janice Welburn and Beth McNeil and committee members Loretta Parham, Kaijsa Calkins, and Liz Bishoff. Georgie Donovan, Kim Leeder, and Camila Alire provided editorial and campaign advice. Over 100 volunteers and supporters emailed, worked the campaign tables, handed out emery boards, wore huge stickers, attended state conferences, and spoke on my behalf. I cannot thank you enough for your friendship and confidence in my leadership. Thank you everyone! ... See MoreSee Less

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Maggie Farrell for ALA President

Patchett: who's responsibility to do X? If you can think it, it is yours. No thinking required. @Coe_Library ... See MoreSee Less

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